The mademoiselle behind INFUSE IT DIGITALLY

I created Infuse It Digitally for Soulful Entrepreneurs who want to start or bring their business online and have a powerful uplifting impact on our world!

If you’re like me and you’re on the “leading edge”; you do things your way and you have big visions. I’ve always been a free spirit; I live my way. So naturally I wanted a lifestyle that supports my desire for freedom and purpose.

With this digital studio I created a career that is meaningful and that supports my chosen lifestyle that involves taking care of myself, living wherever I please and having the option to travel wherever and whenever my heart calls me to!

I choose to work with light-workers of all sorts because holistic healing, yoga and spiritual practices have changed my life.

It is my deepest desire that those who seek to transform their own lives will find the light-worker they need to learn from. I want them to find you.